What is Weaselzippers? Exploring the Intriguing 5 Facts You Need to Know

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By Anthony White

What is Weaselzippers? Exploring the Intriguing 5 Facts You Need to Know

In the dynamic landscape of online news and commentary, one name stands out prominently for its distinct perspective and unabashed conservative stance: Weaselzippers. This unique political blog, founded in 2004 by Matt Drudge and currently owned by Newsmax Media, has carved a niche for itself as a go-to destination for conservative news and commentary. In this article, we will delve into the captivating world of Weaselzippers, its coverage areas, its goals, controversies, and subscription plans.

Unveiling Weaselzippers: A Brief Overview

Weaselzipper, a conservative political blog, was founded in 2004 by Matt Drudge and is now owned by Newsmax Media. This online platform offers scathing commentary on the Democratic Party and the Obama administration. Its editor-in-chief, John Solomon, brings a wealth of experience from his previous roles as a reporter for The Washington Times and The Hill.


Weaselzipper, a prominent conservative political blog, was established in 2004 by Matt Drudge and is currently under the ownership of Newsmax Media. With its scathing commentary and unique perspective, the platform has become a hub for conservative news and analysis, focusing particularly on the Democratic Party and the Obama administration. Spearheaded by John Solomon, a former reporter for The Washington Times and The Hill, Weaselzipper aims to provide an alternative voice in the realm of online news and commentary.

Bias and Controversies

Unapologetically embracing its conservative stance, Weaselzipper stands as a conservative alternative to mainstream media outlets, positioning itself as a “No Spin Zone,” a phrase synonymous with the Fox News program. While the platform claims to offer an unfiltered and unbiased perspective on news, its conservative bias is undeniable. Critics have accused Weaselzipper of partisan reporting and spreading misinformation, particularly during the 2016 presidential election. However, despite these controversies, Weaselzipper continues to attract a significant following, especially among older white men who perceive it as a more reliable source compared to mainstream media.

Content and Categories Covered

Weaselzipper presents an array of news and commentary categories catering to its audience’s interests. Covering an extensive spectrum, the platform delves into politics, encompassing both national and international news, alongside state and local updates. Furthermore, it delivers thought-provoking conservative commentary on political matters. Beyond politics, Weaselzipper offers critical insights into the media landscape, scrutinizing perceived biases against conservatives and covering significant media-related developments.

Additionally, the blog addresses cultural topics, including entertainment, sports, and religion, while also providing conservative viewpoints on cultural issues. Weaselzipper extends its coverage to economic news such as stock market fluctuations, unemployment rates, and inflation figures, accompanied by conservative commentary on economic matters. Moreover, legal news, Supreme Court decisions, and high-profile trials are reported, complemented by conservative perspectives on legal issues.


Weaselzipper boasts a diverse range of news and commentary categories that cater to its audience’s interests:

  1. Politics: Covering a spectrum of political news, both national and international, along with state and local updates. It provides conservative commentary on political issues.
  2. Media: Criticizing mainstream media’s perceived bias against conservatives and reporting on media-related news such as hires and firings.
  3. Culture: Encompassing cultural topics like entertainment, sports, religion, and providing conservative commentary on cultural matters.
  4. Economy: Offering coverage of economic news, including stock market updates, unemployment figures, and inflation rates. Conservative commentary on economic matters is also a prominent feature.
  5. Legal: Reporting on legal news, Supreme Court decisions, and high-profile trials, along with conservative commentary on legal issues.

Additionally, the platform presents an array of other features, including a blogroll with links to fellow conservative news sites, an interactive forum for political discussions, and a “Weasel of the Day” award bestowed upon those perceived as advancing the liberal agenda.

Navigating Through Bias and Controversy

Weaselzipper proudly states its commitment to providing a conservative alternative to the mainstream media, positioning itself as a “No Spin Zone” similar to the Fox News program. While the site claims to offer an unbiased, unfiltered perspective on the news, its conservative bias is unmistakable. Critics have accused Weaselzipper of partisan reporting and spreading misinformation, particularly during the 2016 presidential election.

Despite these controversies, Weaselzipper remains popular among its target audience, primarily older white men who view it as a more trustworthy source of news compared to mainstream media outlets.

Subscription Plans and Accessibility

To access Weaselzipper’ content, users must choose between two subscription plans. The Basic plan, priced at $9.99 per month, provides access to news articles and commentary. For a more comprehensive experience, the Premium plan, available at $19.99 per month, includes access not only to news articles and commentary but also to the platform’s interactive forums.

Weaselzipper offers two subscription plans for accessing its content:

  1. Basic Plan: Priced at $9.99 per month, this plan grants access to news articles and commentary.
  2. Premium Plan: For $19.99 per month, subscribers enjoy access to news articles, commentary, and forums.

To subscribe, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Weaselzipper website.
  2. Click on “Sign Up” at the top right corner.
  3. Provide your email, password, and payment details.
  4. Click “Create Account” and choose your subscription plan.
  5. Complete the payment process.

Here are some user experiences of Weaselzipper:

Positive: “I appreciate the fresh perspective Weaselzippers offers with its conservative take on the news. It’s a refreshing change from the mainstream media’s often biased coverage.” “I find Weaselzippers to be a commendable platform for questioning the mainstream media’s narratives. They critically analyze the news rather than simply echoing others.” “I’m a fan of Weaselzippers’ forum where I can engage in thoughtful discussions with fellow conservatives. It’s enlightening to hear different viewpoints on political matters.”


Negative: “I believe Weaselzippers leans too heavily towards conservative viewpoints, often disregarding stories that don’t align with their agenda.” “I’ve encountered technical glitches while using Weaselzippers, experiencing crashes and trouble loading articles. It’s been frustrating at times.” “The site’s performance on mobile devices is a bit lackluster. Loading times can be quite slow, especially when I’m trying to access articles on the move.”

Overall, the user experiences with Weaselzippers are mixed. While some individuals appreciate the site’s conservative perspective and its commitment to challenging the mainstream media, others have concerns about its bias and have faced technical issues. It’s worth noting that these reviews represent a sample of user opinions, and your own encounter with the platform might differ.

Some of the main authors of Weaselzippers include:

John Solomon: Serving as the editor-in-chief of Weaselzippers, John Solomon brings his extensive experience as a former reporter for prominent publications like The Washington Times and The Hill.

Ann Coulter: Renowned for her conservative commentary and authorship, Ann Coulter is a regular contributor to Weaselzippers, lending her distinct perspective to the platform.

Michelle Malkin: Another well-known conservative commentator and author, Michelle Malkin is also a regular contributor to Weaselzippers, offering her insights on various political matters.


Andrew Breitbart: Before his unfortunate passing in 2012, Andrew Breitbart, the founder of Breitbart News, was a significant contributor to Weaselzippers. His influence is still felt through his contributions.

Matt Drudge: The founder of The Drudge Report, Matt Drudge was a former contributor to Weaselzippers, further emphasizing the interconnectedness of conservative voices in the online media landscape.

AuthorContributionNotable Background
John SolomonEditor-in-ChiefFormer reporter for The Washington Times and The Hill
Ann CoulterRegular ContributorConservative commentator and author
Michelle MalkinRegular ContributorConservative commentator and author
Andrew BreitbartFormer Contributor (Deceased)Founder of Breitbart News
Matt DrudgeFormer ContributorFounder of The Drudge Report

*Please note that Andrew Breitbart is noted as “Deceased” as he passed away in 2012.

CEO Robert Herring Sr.’s Vision:

Robert Herring Sr., the CEO of Weaselzippers, envisions the platform as a conservative alternative to the mainstream media. He perceives a bias against conservatives in mainstream outlets and is committed to offering an alternative source of news and commentary. In his words, “Weaselzipper is a conservative news and commentary site that is committed to providing an alternative to the mainstream media. We believe that the mainstream media is biased against conservatives, and we are committed to providing an unfiltered look at the news.”

Herring Sr.’s aspiration for Weaselzippers extends beyond being a mere news source. He aims to create a platform for conservative voices, a space where they can express their perspectives and opinions. He believes that conservative voices have often been stifled by the mainstream media, and Weaselzippers can provide a platform for their views to be heard.

While Herring Sr. has faced controversy and criticism, his dedication to the vision of Weaselzipper remains steadfast. Despite accusations and challenges, he views the platform as an essential outlet for conservative voices in a media landscape he perceives as biased against them.

The Evolution of Weaselzippers: A Brief History

Weaselzipper, established in 2004 by Matt Drudge, initially bore the name “The Drudge Report II.” However, in 2006, the site underwent a transformation, reemerging as the platform we know today: “Weaselzippers.”

Renowned as a conservative news and commentary site, Weaselzipper is characterized by its direct and often harsh critique of the Democratic Party and the Obama administration. Despite facing allegations of partisanship and misinformation dissemination, the platform maintains its status as a favored hub for conservative news and analysis.

In a significant development in 2007, Weaselzipper entered a new phase with its acquisition by Newsmax Media, a prominent conservative news and opinion company. The Newsmax Media umbrella also encompasses other notable media entities like The Daily Caller and The Washington Examiner.

Weaselzipper has received acclaim from some conservative quarters for its boldness in challenging mainstream media narratives. However, criticisms have also arisen regarding the platform’s perceived bias and alleged propagation of misinformation.

The year 2016 marked a controversial point in Weaselzipper history. The platform faced accusations of spreading misinformation concerning Hillary Clinton’s health during the 2016 campaign. A story asserting a “health scare” for Clinton was published by Weaselzipper but later debunked by fact-checkers.

Nevertheless, amidst controversies and accolades, Weaselzipper endures as a prominent destination for those seeking conservative news and commentary. Its audience primarily comprises older white men, who find the platform to be a dependable source of information, perceived as more reliable than mainstream media outlets.

A timeline of key events in Weaselzippers’ history:

  • 2004: Weaselzipper is founded by Matt Drudge.
  • 2006: The platform adopts the new name “Weaselzipper.”
  • 2007: Newsmax Media acquires Weaselzippers.
  • 2016: Weaselzippers faces accusations of spreading misinformation about Hillary Clinton’s health.
  • 2023: Weaselzippers maintains its stature as a popular platform for conservative news and commentary.

The journey of Weaselzipper reflects the dynamic interplay between media, ideology, and the quest for reliable information in the ever-evolving landscape of news and commentary.

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Weaselzippers is a distinctive conservative political blog that offers an alternative perspective to mainstream news and commentary. While it’s not without its controversies and accusations of bias and misinformation, its popularity among conservatives seeking an alternative viewpoint is evident. With a wide range of content categories and interactive features, Weaselzipper continues to be a prominent player in the landscape of online political discourse.

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What is Weaselzippers?

Weaselzippers is a conservative political blog founded in 2004 by Matt Drudge. It provides news articles, commentary, and scathing analysis on topics related to the Democratic Party, the Obama administration, and various political issues from a conservative perspective.

Who owns Weaselzippers?

Weaselzipper is owned by Newsmax Media, a conservative news and opinion company.

What is the main focus of Weaselzippers?

The blog primarily focuses on offering a conservative alternative to mainstream media, challenging their narratives, and providing a different perspective on political, cultural, economic, and legal news.

Who is the editor-in-chief of Weaselzippers?

The editor-in-chief of Weaselzipper is John Solomon, a former reporter for The Washington Times and The Hill.

Does Weaselzippers cover topics other than politics?

Yes, Weaselzipper covers a variety of topics, including media criticism, culture, economy, and legal matters, all from a conservative standpoint.

Is Weaselzippers biased?

Yes, Weaselzipper is known for its conservative bias, which is evident in its news coverage and commentary.

Is Weaselzippers accused of spreading misinformation?

Yes, Weaselzipper has faced accusations of spreading misinformation, particularly during the 2016 presidential election.

What are the subscription plans offered by Weaselzippers?

Weaselzipper offers two subscription plans: Basic and Premium. The Basic plan costs $9.99 per month and provides access to news articles and commentary. The Premium plan costs $19.99 per month and includes access to news articles, commentary, and forums.

Can I access Weaselzippers content for free?

No, Weaselzipper does not offer free access to its content. A subscription is required to access its news articles, commentary, and other features.

Who is the target audience of Weaselzippers?

Weaselzippers’ target audience primarily consists of older white men who identify with conservative viewpoints and seek an alternative perspective on current events.

How do I subscribe to Weaselzippers?

To subscribe to Weaselzippers, follow these steps:
Visit the Weaselzippers website.
Click on “Sign Up” in the top right corner.
Enter your email, password, and payment details.
Click “Create Account” and select your preferred subscription plan.
Complete the payment process to access the content.

Is Weaselzippers’ content user-friendly?

Yes, Weaselzippers features an easily navigable interface, offering a mix of news articles, commentary, and videos. It also provides interactive features such as forums and email alerts.

Can I trust Weaselzippers as a reliable news source?

Weaselzippers is considered a reliable news source by conservatives, but it’s important to note its conservative bias. For a well-rounded perspective, it’s recommended to consult multiple sources.

Does Weaselzippers have any famous contributors?

Yes, Weaselzippers features contributions from well-known conservative commentators such as Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, and Andrew Breitbart.

What is the “No Spin Zone” slogan of Weaselzippers?

The “No Spin Zone” slogan of Weaselzippers is a reference to the Fox News program of the same name, suggesting that the blog provides an unfiltered and unbiased look at news, although its conservative bias is evident.

What sets Weaselzippers apart from mainstream media?

Weaselzippers distinguishes itself by offering a conservative perspective on news and commentary, challenging mainstream media narratives, and providing an alternative source for conservatives seeking news and analysis.

Is Weaselzippers only accessible through subscription?

Yes, to access Weaselzippers’ content, including news articles, commentary, and forums, a subscription is required.

Can I engage in discussions on Weaselzippers?

Yes, Weaselzippers offers an interactive forum where users can engage in discussions about political news and commentary.

What is the significance of the “Weasel of the Day” award?

The “Weasel of the Day” award is given to individuals or organizations that Weaselzippers believes are advancing the liberal agenda, as a way to highlight perceived biases or controversial actions.

How can I ensure a balanced view of the news while using Weaselzippers?

To ensure a balanced view, consider cross-referencing Weaselzippers’ content with other reputable news sources to get a comprehensive understanding of current events.